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About Sarah

Hello, I am Sarah Grippi, the founder and CEO of Gripp, Guns, & Gains. I have been an athlete since basically the moment I was able to walk. I have competitively competed in a variety of sports, including becoming a collegiate basketball athlete at the University of Mount Union. While I was an undergraduate student, I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and took multiple classes related to the health industry and coaching. Since graduation, I have worked in multiple gyms as a personal trainer and a mindset coach with a large clientele. These clients ranged from the youth just starting off with strength programs, high school athletes wanting to play Division I sports, professional athletes, clients that just want to stay in fitness, elders wanting to move more, to clients competing in varies physical activity. I continued my education and received a Master’s degree at the University of California in Pennsylvania in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. My specialties are sport psychology, injury prevention, and performance enhancement. Most of my personal training clients sought personal and mental guidance to help with their goals, which made me interested in the cognitive perspective of the athletic world. Fitness is more than just a physical & nutritional concept, and mentally, many people are not connected with their minds, creating mental blocks. After going on a Yoga retreat, I found the perfect mind-body connection that I share with clients during training and yoga classes. Currently, I am certified in NASM-PES, NASE, NETA- YOGA, and Mindset Training. My next steps are to receive my FNS, CMPC, & other sport specific training certifications. I ultimately want to become a well-rounded personal trainer by tackling all aspects of the health and fitness world.

About The Company

Gripp, Guns, & Gains is looking for clients seeking to make a serious impact on their fitness, health, and overall lifestyle. We offer The 3G Experience, which is a combination of mental, physical, and nutritional balance. Common problems that our members seek to improve include too little physical activity, poor dietary habits, negative thinking, lack of fitness experience, and generally being out of shape.

Our biggest offering is that each client gets a customized integrated series of programs specifically for them. We develop specific action plans that target the individual’s needs. The first step in the process is an evaluation that encompasses topics on activity levels, nutrition, fitness knowledge, mind state, and lifestyle. Upon completing the programs, athletes will make positive improvements during competition, school, work, and in life.

We offer 3GX Team Training for all levels, from youth to professionals. A team curriculum will be developed that consists of team sport specific fitness training, mental training, and nutritional guidance. All team members will follow the team specific program, keep each other accountable, and still be coached for extra motivation.

Overall, the integration of physical performance, athletic mindset, and time to determine nutritional guidance allows each member to receive a personalized 3G Experience that will help them overcome all obstacles preventing them from achieving their fitness goals.